Friday, July 11, 2014

My Mom,

My mom sometimes made us very delicious fresh breakfast food during sahur. Its going to be asam pedas, or myb sup sayur with extra fishball inside, steamed fish or myb gulai kuning ikan bawal and with side dish ikan bakar, telur dada, sotong goreng, rendang etc, and compulsory for ayam goreng and sayur goreng. Its very full of set. Sometime over than 6 until 9 of side dish. and 4 over 5 must be a freshly cooked and still hot. If not, its going to tak lalu nak makan. This is normal in my family..

What time does my mom wake up for cooks?

3 am.

Who wake my mom?

My brother. Sometime me and sometime alarm. Ya..sometime we didn't sleep because we are very excited watching football or playing games.

4.30 am,

My mom always stress me for angkat lauk and senduk nasi fast!!. And at he time, i must to wake up early and at the time also i got no energy and my face like zombie. Sigh,  I dono lah what the function i have sister..

This is the routine during sahur.

After finish sahur around 5am, my sis will clean all the plate. and i will going to continue my sleep rest while waiting for azan subuh. Sometime i eat kurma and take a lord of vitamin for support my body for whole day. i hope its giving me extra energy bcoz i always feeling thirsty around 3pm. Sound like very childish.

5.30 am,

My mom look very sleepy and tired. Sometime she still want to continue doing another work like wash a cloth, mop. Haisykkk... Just take a breake when azan is call.


Iman Hakim is coming!!..Imaaaan, imaaaan, imaaan, imaan....all are very excited at the time and going to kisses iman non stop. Sometime iman look like want to cry bcoz of damn kisses. My mom (Iman call "Nenda" its shot for Nenekanda. Bahasa Istana? Actualy my mom request for call like that. Im going to laf for the first time)...Hahaha..


I must to stay wake up bcoz my mom want to going aerobic and yoga and dance with she's friends at taman. not too far from my home. And im going to take care iman for 1 hours!!! 

I told my mom that i wanted to sleep lahhh...but she didn't answer me and just ignore. 

No choice, i must to sit with iman and play with her. Sometime i hear the background music for the aerobic dance and also hear the teacher angry at the student. Myb make a wrong step. i dono and not interested nak pergi intai. i just waiting the time. I cant sleep bcoz iman is very hyperactive. 


Mom is back!!!!! i pass iman to my mom. Many question she will ask me. Iman cry or not? Why iman didnt sleep? how about the susu finish or not? blah blah blah blah..The sweat still not dried at  the time.



My mom also lah...but she is better than u!

#Ramadhan 12, 1435

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