Sunday, April 21, 2013

Come from my heart, fly to you.

This is a beautifull girl with a strong smile and strong heart.
Our friendship is forever and ever starting from a secondary skul until now.
Sory for my looonggg abcence friend, i realy busy to find money. Wordless.

I'm take time to remember you for this night,
 To write someting about u, 
Myb just a bit, but i'm realy hope from this writing,
Will giving you a big spirit for always sucsess and to be a strong.

I know, that your exam is around the corner. Next week / tomorow right?
InshaAllah, all that was your planning will be simplified by Allah.
Dont give up friend. Like the first word i say...
"U have a strong heart"
Whatever come to you, come on! i know you can face it.
Do the best for the final exam, positif thinking, dont give up, push watever you have,
And not imposible! Victory will be yours.. :)

Dedicated this song... just for fun to you,
Dont laf.#Just Smile. By by..

Oh! forgot to wish that i'm realy hope your relationship with your loving and macho boy "adus kacang" that people call the sweet couple of the year, will be forever love until jannah..

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